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How Mouth Guards Allow You to Sleep More Soundly

Posted on 8/27/2017 by Office Manager
 Mouth Guards North Downtown Seattle Dental WA 98101
A lot of people wake up regularly during the night because of issues with their teeth. They wake up due to pain in their teeth, jaws, or just because they struggle to breathe properly.

If you wake up regularly to pain in or around your mouth, or never feel like you got enough sleep, then it is important that you speak to speak with your dentist. They can take a look at your teeth and see if they can determine a cause.

What Mouth Guard Options You Have

Most people think about the mouth guards used for sports when they think about mouth guards. However, there are quite a few other varieties. One of the more common ones you can get from your dentist is one that is used to combat bruxism.

This is when you either grind your teeth or clench them tight when you are sleeping. This can do a significant amount of damage to your teeth, and wake you up in pain on a regular basis.

If you have TMJ issues, you can also wear a mouth guard. It helps to keep your jaw lined up properly, and can reduce your pain significantly. Your dentist will customize one for your mouth, which allows you to wear it while you sleep without your jaw starting to hurt simply from how you lie down.

People with sleep apnea also typically use mouth guards to sleep better. It keeps your mouth and airways open the right way. This lets you take deeper breaths and sleep without waking up because you can't breathe.

If you think that you could sleep better by having a mouth guard in, then ask your dentist about it. They can help you figure out the best route to better sleep and better oral health.

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